The Australian national broadcaster is getting into the spirit of National Science Week (15-23 August 2015) with a project that gives citizen scientists an opportunity to identify and classify galaxies.

Called ABC Galaxy Explorer, the website supports the Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA) project, which has over 200 thousand images of galaxies between 800 million and four billion light years away.

“Comparing distant galaxies will help scientists understand inconsistencies with what’s observed in the universe and what’s predicted by Einstein’s equations, and as a result may change our fundamental understanding of dark matter and dark energy. They will also help astronomers understand how galaxy evolution has changed through time, which will provide insight into how the processes in the universe have evolved.” – Kylie Andrews, ABC Science

The GAMA team needs the help of citizen scientists due to the sheer volume of imagery that needs to be processed to provide a useful data set.  Data will be used to build a model of how the galaxy population in the universe has evolved.

Up for grabs for participants, are two Celestron 90GT WiFi 90mm (3.54″) refractor telescopes.

I’ve identified over 80 so-far!  🙂